Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322
Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322

Allen model Protege L-4

Model L-4


Bourdon 16
Lieblichgedackt 16
Octave 8
GedacktFlote 8
Choral Bass 4
Posaune 16
Clarion 4
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
MIDI on Pedal

Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Voix Celeste 8
Principal 4
Koppelflote 4
Nasat 2-2/3
Blockflote 2
Tierce 1-3/5
Cymbale III
Basson 16
Trompette 8
MIDI on Swell

Lieblich Gedackt 16
Principal 8
Harmonic Flute 8
Flute Celeste II 8
Octave 4
Spitzflote 4
Super Octave 2
Mixture IV
Krummhorn 8
Swell to Great
MIDI on Great

Great Pedal Unenclosed
Bass Coupler
Melody Coupler
Console Speakers Off
External Speakers Off


FOUR VOICING SUITES: Classic American, French, Baroque and Wurlitzer
Bass Coupler (Couples the Pedal stops to the lowest note played on the Great).
Melody Coupler (Couples the Swell stops to the top note played on the Great).
Twelve note transposer.
7 general thumb pistons.
AUDIO SYSTEM: Two channels totalling 120 W RMS, one 15" speaker, two premium 8" speakers and two tweeters; custom speaker installations and antiphonal divisions are optional.
CONSOLE DIMENSIONS: Width 1305mm, Height 1130mm, Depth 749mm, Depth with pedalboard and bench: 1092mm.

All specifications and stop lists subject to change without notice or obligation.

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