Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322
Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322
26 Jan 2017


Organ servicing

I am often asked what maintenance is required on an Allen organ. Should an organ be inspected, checked and tuned on a regular basis?

Firstly, one of the advantages of a digital instrument is that it never needs tuning. Unlike a pipe organ which will vary in tuning with the temperature of the season, the digital organ remains in tune forever.

However, there are other items that wear and may need attention over time. In a nutshell, anything that moves will wear, and will eventually require service.   Read more...

2 Jan 2017


Organ or Keyboard comparison

What is preferable? A keyboard or an organ? Is a keyboard just a small organ? What many people don't realise is just how versatile organs have become and the advantages they might have over keyboards.

Keyboards consist of one single keyboard. Some have weighted keys, and others do not. Weighted keys feel like a piano to play whereas non weighted keys feel more like an organ to play.    Read more...

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