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A digital church organ is a unique product utilising modern technology to reproduce an art form whose heritage comes from pipe organs. Producing a superior digital organ requires the combination of advanced technology, artistic skills, quality of construction and long term product support. Allen Organ's clear superiority in these areas means:

Allen Organs sound better: Superior sound quality comes from a combination of greater experience sampling pipe organs and advanced sound producing technology. Experience matters! Allen introduced the world's first digitally sampled organ in 1971, nearly two decades prior to its nearest competitor. Allen's current technology includes up to 48 advanced DSP's (Digital Sound Processors) working in parallel; supercomputer power for superior sound production. And Allen organs can be voiced to perfection to any school of organ design.

Organs being manufactured in the factory

Allen Organs are built better: With unmatched quality and manufacturing capabilities, only Allen builds organs to commercial grade standards. Most consumer products today, including organs, are built to consumer grade standards, not designed for the long term. Allen's superiority is readily confirmed through inspection and comparison with other organs.

Allen Organs Last Longer: Superior quality and an unmatched history of corporate stability demonstrates Allen's commitment to customers through product longevity and support. Allen even supplies parts for its ealiest instruments (produced seven decades ago), as well as the first digital organs which are now nearly fifty years old. Customer benefits include lower long term cost of ownership.

The first digital organ installed in Western Australia back in 1974 is still in working order today. In fact, the ten oldest Allen organs to be installed in Western Australia, back in the 1970s and 80s, are all being regularly used. And since then, there have been over seventy organs installed in churches, school buildings and homes around Western Australia.

Organ console during manufacture

Digital organ manufacturers often claim "advanced technology" to avoid direct comparison to Allen's sound, build quality and longevity advantages. However, the only true test of organ technology is the benefits it offers customers. Allen's GeniSys technology not only offers superior sound, but demonstrable benefits including:

Convolution Reverb: It has been said that a room's acoustics are often the best stop on an organ. While famous pipe organs are installed in acoustically friendly buildings, more contempory organ installations do not have this advantage. Through exclusive Acoustic Portrait convolution technology, Allen instruments include real sampled acoustics, not outdated digital reverberation. Allen organs sound superior in any acoustical environment.

GeniSys Display: Only Allen offers an integrated colour touchscreen display to access and control the myriad of features and capabilities of a modern organ console. Through GeniSys Display, organists intuitively understand the organ's many features and can quickly access them during performances. Touchscreens have become the standard interface for all advanced electronic products. Organs without this technology are outdated.

GeniSys Voices: With GeniSys voices, two stops in each Allen organ's divisions can be quickly changed between dozens of organ and orchestral voices. These high definition voices are as easy to use as any organ stop, allowing GeniSys organs to quickly be customised by organists to meet the essential flexibility needed for the musician or music program. And these dynamic voices are instantaneously displayed on the GeniSys Display.

An electronic circuit board

Other innovative design features include:
• Key contacts and stop switches which are sealed reed switches to prevent dirt, dust or humidity ever stopping notes from playing.
• Gold plated connectors are standard on printed circuit boards to ensure reliability.
• Attention to detail such as the attack and decay of individual notes, including chiff and wind sounds.
• A 12 note transposer knob is standard on all models.
• The bass coupler which couples pedal stops to the lowest note being played on the great and the melody coupler which couples swell stops to the highest note being played on the great.

Digital organs are sophisticated instruments with complex technology. Choosing the finest one is made objective by focussing on the three crucial ingrediants required for a successful church organ installation: sound quality, build quality, and product longevity. Superiority in these areas has made Allen the most accepted church organ in the world.

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