Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322
Allen Organs 14 Amery Street Como 9450 3322
9 April 2017


A customer asked me the following question the other day: "I heard the Allen Organ Company has gone out of business. Is that true?".

I had to reassure the person that nothing was further from the truth. The Allen Organ Company remains the one electronic organ building company that has not been taken over, changed hands, been sold off or gone out of business since its inception. The family that started the business still run the business.

Other electronic organ builders have changed hands over the years or more frequently, gone out of business. Allen's biggest competitor, Rodgers, originally another American company, was bought out by Roland, and has more recently been purchased by the owners of Johannus in the Netherlands. In contrast, the Allen Organ Company remains managed and run by the family that started the business nearly 80 years ago.

The person asking the original question was happy to know that their investment in an Allen Organ was still supported and will continue to be that way for as far as we can see into the future. It's the reason that our motto includes the statement Unparalleled Support.

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